We supply Green Arabica Coffee straight from coffee farms in Kenya. This is grown under natural rain fed conditions . The coffee is picked, fermented and dried under natural conditions.

Kenyan Coffee is of high quality and is largely used for blending globally produced coffee to enhance the global quality

We supply coffee beans of different sizes depending on customer needs, fee and Instant coffee

For customers without the facility for roasting, we undertake low, medium, black and or brown roasting and packaging the coffee ready for customer use.

Our instant coffee is made to suit the diversity of taste buds of our customers and is ready for use . We don’t add preservatives and therefore our coffee is natural all the way to its consumption

We trade under the name ‘ tamu coffee’ which means ‘sweet coffee’

The aroma our coffee is so sweet and attractive as its carefully roasted under the right temperature and allowed to cool in open temperature and environment

Our coffee cup is authentic and well defined in acidity, aroma and taste

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