We are in the process of activating our commodities unit wherein we will be dealing with Tea, Coffee , Meat and Cooking oil. Our varieties in tea are based on supply from the local tea factories as follows:

Tea dust, which is the cheapest, Orthodox tea and premium tea. We are able to supply the tea either in packaged or unpackaged depending on the customer needs. This tea originates from Kenyan factories and the port of shipment is Mombasa. Our terms are LC and in limited cases TT.

Our tea is branded ‘Tamu Tea’.

We have roasted packaged and unpackaged coffee. the roasting depends on the customer’s requirements. We also avail the coffees in our brand ‘Tamu Coffee’. Green beans are available depending on the agreed cup with the customer and size of the bean again as per specification from the customer.

We are able to package our coffee in 50 KG bags in readiness for shipment through the Port of Mombasa.


In regard to Meat we have the following:

  1. Beef – We sell either the whole carcass or specific cuts as per customer requirements. However, the minimum order quantity is a 20ft container.
  2. Mutton and Goat – We offer full carcass and the minimum order is 2 tons


Canola and Sunflower

We supply canola and sunflower oil to any destination in the world. The oil is packaged as per customer request . The minimum order quantity is 1 , 20ft container. The oil is shipped subject to verification of quality.

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